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Weekend Wear Luxury

Weekend Wear Luxury

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A Little Attitude + A Little Old School

A Little Attitude + A Little Old School

Uniqlo striped shirt
$20 –

Free People bib overall

Atmos Here bib overall
$29 –

Bib overall

Mossimo clothing

Hoop earrings

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Lazy December

A few months ago in the evenings you would find me going for runs, happy hour with friends, shopping until 8 or 9 at night, or doing something. Now the sunsets just before 5 pm and that’s it, I’m most likely in for the rest of the night and I kind of love it! #NoShame

Cute & Cozy


And my latest discovery on the couch is my dream come true!!! Netflix has a video of a crackling fireplace for your television!! It’s called Fireplace for Your Home & for some reason I’m absolutely obsessed! Here is the hysterical trailer for burning wood… 😊