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Art 101: Shop These 6 Sites For Affordable Pieces Now


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Lazy December

A few months ago in the evenings you would find me going for runs, happy hour with friends, shopping until 8 or 9 at night, or doing something. Now the sunsets just before 5 pm and that’s it, I’m most likely in for the rest of the night and I kind of love it! #NoShame

Cute & Cozy


And my latest discovery on the couch is my dream come true!!! Netflix has a video of a crackling fireplace for your television!! It’s called Fireplace for Your Home & for some reason I’m absolutely obsessed! Here is the hysterical trailer for burning wood… 😊

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Justin Bieber’s MUGSHOT in the Marc Jacobs Ad


Spring 2014 Marc Jacobs Ad


Justin Bieber’s Mugshot is too pretty not take advantage of!

With Miley’s seemingly resistant photoshoot for the new Marc Jacobs Spring ’14 Ad,

it’s obvious Justin Bieber needed an invite to the narcissist shoot.  Being rich is so f***ing sad!

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Sunday Brunch Day<3

Current/Elliott jeans and the best t-shirt you found in your laundry – epitomizes the perfect brunch outfit for any weekend to catch up with your girlfriends.Jennifer Aniston’s look is so la – se – Brad, it’s conducive. If you can find a fedora and aviators too, please do!

Bloody Mary’s Extra Dirty Sir!

(Just Don’t Say it 3 X’s in the Mirror)

jennifer-aniston-current-elliott-2 jennifer-aniston-and-current-elliott-boyfriend-jeans-gallery 7