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Dress Up the Dress Down Weekend

Red Lips are associated with glam and drama. Weekends were created for relaxing and working around the house.
The best accessory for working in the yard, walking the dog, painting your furniture, or whatever else you do and don’t really give a damn about what you’re wearing – throw on some red lipstick and you look like you dođź’‹!

My favorite is Sephora’s lipstick
The Red





and it doesn’t STINK!!!

drumroll please…

QUICK TAN by Body Drench


$19.99 Sally’s Beauty Supply

As a self-proclaimed, self-tanner expert, (I sound so conceited I know!) this stuff rocks!! I have always been a die-hard fan of self-tanning lotions. Every self-tan instant spray I have ever tried has always 1.) smelled obvious 2.) did not last 3.) started to flake off after applying multiple layers.

However, moving in with my boyfriend and starting a new job where it’s awkward to smell “orange”, forced me to back off on applying self-tanners – it’s so not desirable or professional!

So last weekend before getting ready for a wedding, I realized I was as white as the bleached out Michael Jackson and all the other girls around town were really tan. It was like, holy crap, Summer is here and I forgot!

Desperate and pale, I ran into Sally’s Beauty Supply and the sales girl showed me this instant self tanner mist that “DOES NOT SMELL LIKE TANNER.” Sally’s Sales Girl, you won my heart with those words!

I sprayed myself down with the mist (like 3 or 4 times:) and I looked like I had been working on my tan for months! No streaking, no smell, and it was instant and only got better!!! It smells like vanilla and chocolate 🙂

The downside is breathing it in – but you can always just spray a little and run; repeat. And the tile on the bathroom floor still has my foot print outlined in orange, but that will come out! Totally minor flaws!

All in all, I am now in love with Quick Tan Instant Self Tanner Mist! I can spray it all over and I INSTANTLY look tan and smell yummy!!!

*Don’t put lotion on after you have showered and applied any self tanner, BIG mistake! I instantly had a “Duh” moment when the tanner wiped off on everything!