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Christmas Decor Inspirations

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It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving (& a huge football weekend) so today worked out to be the best day to get our Christmas tree. We 1st stopped at what we thought would be the most obvious & most convenient spot, WalMart – they didn’t have any. Pulling out of the parking lot we saw cars driving one direction with trees on their cars so we turned toward the direction they were coming from & followed the cars without a tree. This lead us to a Christmas Tree Farm. Not only were there camel rides & train tours, but if you wanted a tree you had to pay 3x’s the normal price, go find it in the fields, & cut it down yourself. And because we left our saw at the house today, we ventured on. Finally we found our beautiful frasier fir at Home Depot. For $39 we decided on an awesome 8 footer & took all the free “garland to be” I could grab – such an accomplished feeling! And now after getting all of the Christmas decorations out of storage and stringing all of the lights on the tree I looked at the boxed up ornaments & was exhausted. So I did what any other girl would do – I channeled my inner Scarlet O’hara – sat down on the couch – and decided to be inspired instead. “After all, tomorrow is another day…”

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I am a Fashion Designer. I am chasing the dream of being my own boss and a successful entrepreneur. I am starting this blog to inspire and be inspired.

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