blonde with dark roots


Wait… Did I miss the Ombre hair trend?


What’s worse than a blonde with roots… a blonde with roots AND bangs. Trying to grow out your bangs with curly “blonde” hair is a b*tch! I wish they would just go away like Kim’s did, dangit.

According to E News, Kim Kardashian is growing out her bangs but thanks to her stylist, she  just doesn’t even know where they went??

Now you see it.


Now you don’t.

I’m at that awkward teenage stage with my bangs. I can’t quite wear my naturally curly hair curly and still need something to get them out of my eyes wearing them straight.

After meeting with my style team Google, here are the looks to consider while GROWING OUT BANGS:

Push it Back

Push it Back

Braid It

Braid It

Fierce - Pull it back

Fierce – Pull it back



❤ ❤ ❤


Author: blondewithdarkroots

I am a Fashion Designer. I am chasing the dream of being my own boss and a successful entrepreneur. I am starting this blog to inspire and be inspired.

3 thoughts on “Wait… Did I miss the Ombre hair trend?

  1. Yes I know the problem first hand

  2. The moral of the story is…be very careful when incorporating bangs in your hair style. :0) They are indeed a pain to grow out!

  3. i use a blonde bobby pin and tuck them back

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